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Unlock Your Personal Power and Embrace All of Life

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Unlock Your Personal Power and Embrace All of Life

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Are you feeling lost or disconnected
from your inner wisdom?

Welcome to The Inner Sanctuary, an online community and school designed to help you rediscover your true self and live a life of purpose and empowerment.

Why The Inner Sanctuary?

   Everywhere I looked, I saw people struggling to find their way,

disconnected from the soul of their lives. That's why I created this community—to help you rediscover and reconnect with your truest self, unveil your authentic nature, and embrace your deeper purpose.

   Our Mission:

We have lost touch with the wisdom of our ancestors and our past lives. It’s time to reclaim that knowledge. We are not just survivors; we are thrivers. To thrive naturally, we must continually tune into the wisdom that flows through us.

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I created this community because everywhere I looked it seemed that people felt lost and disconnected from their wisdom, The Soul of their life.

Now is our time to Rediscover and reconnect with your truest self,

unveil your authentic nature, and embrace your deeper purpose.

We have been so disconnected as a society from the wisdom of  our ancestors and our past lives. 


In order for that to be our Natural State of Being
WE MUST Keep a continual pulse on the wisdom that moves through us

In this community you will not only embody ancient tools to keep you empowered

But you will learn the language and actions that keep you ILLUMINATED in this life

Community is EVERYTHING

But not just any community

A COMMUNITY that  sees you in your power

Holds You In Your Weakest Moments

And keeps guiding you to CHOSE YOU FIRST

So you can powerfully be there for everyone else who needs you. 

My Soul’s work is to activate you into creating the life you’re meant to live.

The tools you will learn w
ill enliven your psychic gifts and ability to heal YOURSELF AND OTHERS, 

The tools will empower you to remain in your power.

You will learn unknown tools from the ancients Your Soul’s Anatomy. 

Come Awaken You As An Energy Psychic Healer

A culmination of everything energy and healing

To help you be masterful and resilient Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Psychically, Physically, Magically

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What We Offer:

  • Ancient Tools for Empowerment: Learn and embody ancient tools that will keep you empowered.
  • Illuminate Your Life: Discover the language and actions that keep you illuminated and inspired.
  • Supportive Community: Join a community that sees your power, supports you in your weakest moments, and guides you to prioritize yourself so you can be there for others. 

Activate Your Potential:

My soul's work is to help you create the life you’re meant to live. Through our teachings, you will:

  • Enliven Your Psychic Gifts: Enhance your ability to heal yourself and others.
  • Stay Empowered: Learn tools that will keep you in your power.
  • Discover Ancient Wisdom: Uncover unknown tools from the ancients and understand your soul’s anatomy.


Become an Energy Psychic Healer

This program combines everything related to energy and healing to help you become masterful and resilient in all areas—emotionally, mentally, spiritually, psychically, physically, and magically.


What's Included:

  • Weekly Embodiment Sessions: Deepen your connection to yourself and your spirit.
  • Weekly New Earth Trainings: Engage in live readings and healings three weeks every month.
  • Potent Community: Lean on, talk to, and share with a supportive and empowering community.


Take the first step towards powerful transformation and spiritual awakening. Join The Inner Sanctuary today and unlock your personal power.

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How Our Members Feel...

"I love meeting the women. I love making those connections.

It was really, I think, the most... what I perceived in the biggest way, what I feel like I received in the biggest way from that program was knowing what it feels like to be me and feeling like being able to come home to that consistently."

"It's a Game Changer.

It shifted from being like a scared and incapable terrified person that didn't know what to trust and didn't know what to believe, to have this innate trust and belief in myself, the universe. It's a game changer."

"You start to find your soul family.

The work is amazing. Janice is amazing. You start to find your people, you start to find your soul family. For so many of us, that's what we're really longing for—support, community, and connection."

"I started meeting the right people and making the right connections..

I had so much resistance to joining the program... I think really the initial change happened when I finally said yes, let's do it. Everything started to like, culminate and come together, and like everything in my life just started meshing and I started meeting the right people and making the right connections."