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Are You Longing

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You aren't here by chance!

You are amazing, strong, creative, successful...

It doesn't make sense that you're still single.  

This is NOT how you envisioned your life.  

Problems with love feel endless...

  • You meet people who are unavailable

  • You're tired of feeling alone.

  • You think you met "the one" only to find out that person doesn't appreciate you or feel the same way about you.

  • You wonder, "Where are all the good single people hiding?"

  • You don't get past the first few dates, even when you feel a connection.

  • You feel like you're doing all the work in your love relationships: texting, making all the plans, shifting who you are, hoping to get into the right groove, waiting to be chosen.

  • You get into "friends with benefits relationships"—you get more attached and they continue to play the field.

  • You're starting to think there's something wrong with you.

  • You're jealous of friends who have "perfect relationships."

  • You spend most weekends alone.  

  • You feel like giving up on finding your person.

Don't give up! You're just steps away from true, lasting love! It's your time to receive!


I'm Janice Noehulani.

I'm here to tell you: There's NOTHING wrong with you, and you DON'T need to be fixed.  

With a few simple steps, you can stop the cycle of struggle and frustration. It's your time to receive the love you want and deserve.

Fifteen years ago I was right where you are.  I was strong and successful, happy in many ways... But I was also sad, frustrated, heartbroken and just about through with love. I was ready to accept that I may be single forever.  

Then, one day I realized that I not only wanted love, but I also deserved it. I decided my destiny included love and partnership. I was determined to move through whatever blocks I had to receiving love.


I'm happy to say, I found the formula to receiving love. To the right you see me and my husband, Greg. We've been together almost fifteen years.


And yes, I manifested him...

I cleared my blocks, honored myself deeply and put myself in a position of receiving—and true, amazing love flooded into my life. He is ABSOLUTELY one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I'm grateful he's in my life every day!

I've shared this process—THE EXACT STEPS I'M ABOUT TO SHARE WITH YOU—with countless clients with huge success.  


8 Simple & Powerful Steps to Manifest True Love

It's true: The Law of Attraction works for many people, but there are so many people who it doesn't work for. The reason is that NO AMOUNT of positivity or visioning can conquer your deeply hidden sabotaging beliefs and blocks.  

You CAN easily and effortlessly use the Law of Attraction principles to magnetize your attractor factor. At the same time you need to uncover your hidden beliefs and blocks, clearing them out so they no longer stand between you and love. In most cases, you can clear them out permanently. It's my job to show you how.

Together we'll replace your blocks with beliefs that support you in feeling and being unstoppable, joyous, free, loving and loved!

I'll be honest... Some people who work with me see HUGE, MIRACULOUS RESULTS in just one to three months. For others, it takes longer. Everyone's journey is different, and I honor that.


But SOMETHING has to give, right? Something has to change! 

Get the tools you need to find love, right here. This program is designed to meet YOU at your level. It's meant for everyone—from the novice to the advanced practitioner. With personal guidance from me, each step will ease you toward receiving a life partner and a Love-Filled Life.  


—8 Simple, Powerful Steps to Manifest True Love—

Manifest Anything

➳ Learn how you uniquely manifest

7 clear and simple steps to receiving what you truly want and desire

➳ Why the Law of Attraction doesn't always work and what you can do to guarantee success every time

➳  Get crystal clear about what you want and relinquish any doubt that you'll receive what you truly desire

You'll Learn to...

Release Your Love Blocks

Clear hidden love blocks forever

➳ Learn the most common 24 love blocks

 Find out how positivity paradigms can sabotage your best manifestation efforts

See how shifting your internal beliefs can change your external world and bring miracles into your life with quantum speed

Infuse Love and Gratitude  Into Your Life

 Find more joy, happiness and freedom in your everyday life

➳ Empower yourself through choice and learn to really receive

Fall more deeply in love with yourself and your life

Activate gratitude into everything—even the hard stuff

You Will Receive...

Module 1 - Set Intention. Are you ready and willing to receive? Successful manifesting begins with intention because knowing why you want something is essential in its creation. You’ll learn how to create the space in your life to manifest love. Find out how and why a soul mate will benefit you and your life.

Module 2 - Your Crystal Clear Vision. You’ve spent a lifetime getting clear about what you don’t want, but do you know EXACTLY what you do want? This is essential to the manifestation process. Uncover every possible trait that you find attractive and ideal for your life. You’ll leave no stone unturned until you get to the bottom of what YOU really want. That's key to manifesting easily and successfully. Don’t be fooled... this step will surprise and transform you.

Module 3 - Gratitude. Never underestimate the power of gratitude—it’s the glue that binds your manifestation wants and desires together. Learn how to infuse gratitude into your everyday life. There is a way to do this that magnetizes your manifestation abilities, while making manifesting quick, fun and easy. You’ll feel a shift in your day to day life: GRATITUDE SPARKS MAGIC.

Module 4 - Honor Thyself. You carry a lifetime of experiences with you: joy, heartbreak, disappointment, lost connections and everything in between. You’ll unravel your own story, so you can witness and honor yourself. This process will reveal your blocks to manifesting and receiving love, many of which likely began in childhood. This is an incredible process to witness yourself, your strength and your wisdom.

Module 5 - Clear the Path. Once you expose your blocks to manifesting and receiving love, you’ll face them head on. You can tackle this daunting task alone... but guidance can help you move through this step with grace and ease. I'm here to be your guide through gentle exercises and help you clear your blocks. When necessary, together we’ll dive deep to unveil your hidden beliefs.

Module 6 - Inspired Action. Is your soul mate hiding in plain sight? Have you heard the adage Be, Do, Have? By the end of this process, you will be a person who can receive. Your life will be full of love and receiving love. Your soul mate could be right under your nose... but you can't see that because you haven’t stepped through this process. You’ll learn actionable steps to create momentum in your Love-Filled Life.

Module 7 - Release. Releasing old wounds and traumas can move mountains. But have you ever found that sometimes you can't truly let go? In this step, you'll uncover how to totally let go and move on. Together, we'll FINALLY release old patterns, injuries and difficult situations from your conscious, subconscious, and energy field once and for all—so you and all involved parties can be free.  

Module 8 - Receive. Energize your faith in the Laws of the Universe, specifically the Law of Attraction. You’ll begin to clearly see how LIFE is really here to support you and how LOVE is always around you. Life becomes more fulfilling and joyful. You'll begin to see that your only job is to be awake to life’s beauty.

“Within a two month period I met my present partner, and we have been together ever since.  


Thank you Janice for believing in us and our process.  Your workshops are powerful and authentic.” 


–H.L., Portland, Oregon

Isn't it your time to finally have the love you want and deserve?


Join Me! It's easy to get started,  

and I'll be with you for every step.  


Manifest Love Now! 

  • Magnetizing Love:
    The Step-By Step Guide To Manifest True Love (E-book)

  • 8 Powerful Modules
    Includes how-to steps, exercises and implementations. Also includes energetic group clearings to further assist you in manifesting love quickly and easily.


  • Private Facebook Group Join me and program participants. This is a powerful means to share your love journey with other like-minded members and me. We're all here to help and support each other. Ask questions and find answers. This interactive forum allows you to share and be witnessed—a process that magnetizes your manifesting experience.  


  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) How-To Video 

  • Energetic Clearing using Hawaiian technique Ho'oponopono 

  •  Meditation to use daily to raise your energetic frequency

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