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Create Your Beautiful, Loving, Empowered, Magical Life

I respect and honor that everyone's journey is unique.

 No matter where you are today, tomorrow is a new day. 
You have the choice to change.


There's no better time than right now to move closer to a life of love—the life you've always dreamed of.  

You might not know how to get there, but I do. I will use my natural talents and 26 years of training from numerous masters to help you uncover and keep the life of your dreams.  

It takes a brave soul to change and grow. You have to want it to do it.


Looking at old wounds and traumas, uncovering old stories and beliefs, and being willing to heal are all essential to shifting and healing.


It can seem difficult, sometimes impossible; however, together we can make your transformation light and fun. For long-lasting transformation you have to be willing to laugh, cry and let go as we rediscover the divinity within you.

How do I know all this is possible? 


Because I transformed my own life into one filled with love, inspiration, and limitless magic and possibilities.  I did this by using the exact tools and techniques I'm ready to share with you. The only difference is how we use our time together to cater to  your unique path.    

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"Janice's clairvoyant intuition and incredible ability to connect with her spiritual guides helped me heal past hang-ups, reconnect with my own spiritual guides and bring love back into my life. Janice really understands the art of listening with her heart and will guide you to true love in your life.

I highly recommend working with Janice and allowing her to SEE you too. My love and I are very happy and going on two years now. She really teaches you to truly love yourself."

-C. Tracy  
Albuquerque, NM

"I was astounded! Your depth of perception and clarity alongside your talent as a body worker has in

lesser terms changed my life. Of that, I am certain. As a direct result of your skills in listening to the

subtle body to energy I was able to free stuck energy in my reproductive system allowing me to get

pregnant naturally and at the exact time I wanted to. You have always been a healer who could help me

shift the most difficult of perceptions and traumas."

-Stephanie Kroack, Owner Grassroots Yoga, Albuquerque, NM

"Working with Janice is amazing! She is wise, thoughtful, extremely intuitive and has truly helped me work through some very important patterns. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for healing on the physical, spiritual, or emotional fronts. Quick make an appointment with her right away!"

-Michelle Holt, Art Ed Matters, San Fransisco, CA


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