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In this fast paced world, focused on goals and misinformation, many are left feeling fatigued, confused, overwhelmed and frustrated?  


We learn to push through our emotions, our thoughts, and our lives with pure will to create “more happiness and money”.


Have you ever thought…. There MUST BE AN EASIER WAY!?

There is! 


Soul Medicine Healing


It’s your time to BREAKTHROUGH Your Energetic and Spiritual, Physical Emotional and Mental Blocks.


IF you are here you are here for a reason.



BE Your Most Powerful Self & AWAKEN THE HEALER WITHIN 

Not Getting the Results You Desire?

Are you tired of spending money on Healing, Readings and Programs with no results?

There is a reason why you aren’t getting results….

Seeking outside of yourself no longer works! The time of the external guru has ended, the answer lies within you. 


BREAKTHROUGH  the illusions that you:


  • Aren’t enough

  • You don’t have the answers

  • Are alone & without support. 

  • Can’t do it, don’t make the right decisions, and aren’t worthy!

  • Unlock the doorways to trust & truth….

You Are Your Own Healer.

For thousands of years...

people have learned that sacrifice and enslavement was the way to serve family, friends, community and government. During this current energetic and cosmic quickening we are becoming increasingly aware that this way of being is not serving humanity, and certainly not serving you! Those who can’t support this shift to raise their own vibration and to take 100% responsibility for their life are experiencing more and more complications in their wellbeing, relationships, and financial stability, many are even quickly moving off planet.

Do You Want to Know the Secrets of the Universe?

Here it is: The Universe does not hold you back WE HOLD OUR SELF BACK!

The Universe is already in alignment with all you desire and is waiting for you to acknowledge the truth of who you are meant to be on the planet. 


The Universe is not stagnant and there is no limit to how big your energy can be when you are grounded and living from your pure heart.


Isn’t it time you realize how powerful and expansive you and your life truly can be!

The lessons you receive in this life are attempting to bring you to your greatest gifts and most powerful self. The truth lies in you becoming the SOURCE of everything that shows up in your life. 


You are not a victim of this life AND you no longer have to sacrifice yourself in exchange for your deepest desires. 


When you begin to honor your purpose, your soul’s path and the gifts you bring to this world, life begins to line up in a way that shows it's love for you. Your life begins to fall into place with a greater ease; work becomes something you love, relationships become fulfilling, and the truth is easier to access.


You are not just meant to exist,  you meant to LIVE!


Are you ready to transcend your limitations and  embrace the magnificence that is you? 


Are you ready to liberate your being and your soul from the emotions and habits that lock you into stress patterns?


Are you ready to truly give yourself the love and life you deserve?

Hi, My Name is Janice Noehulani

My favorite thing in the whole wide world is helping people just like you FEEL POWERFUL in their life by opening up their intuition so they know they can TRUST their instincts, TRUST that the universe is supporting them, TRUST that everything they are doing is bringing them to their most POTENT SELF and AMAZING LIFE. 


I spent years in struggle, to be honest, most of my life was spent in turmoil. For a long time it seemed like I didn’t have a way out or up.  I knew there was more to my life but no matter what I did I felt I was always reaching. 


I tried every school of thought, every meditation imaginable and plugged into every self-help program out there and still I felt….. empty and dissatisfied. Can you relate?


All the programs I took and the hundreds of thousands of dollars I spent did eventually begin to mend my brokenness but I still felt like something was missing. 


Then, through the grace of goodness, I stumbled upon the hidden spiritual gems that turned my life around. 

These magical attunements are Divinely guided tools all meant to empower you and dissolve the divide between you and SOURCE to lead you to finally BE the Creator of your life.

Many people held my hand to walk me through my journey. It is my soul purpose to hold your hand to guide you back to yourself and your magic. 


I have learned from a handful of Divine Masters on this planet and I am here to share all of the secrets of the Universe they have taught me.


With these proven methods I have helped hundreds of people feel masterful and empowered in their life. 


Let me be honest with you. This course is not for the faint of heart. I can guide you but  YOU MUST BE WILLING TO FACE and RELEASE what is holding you back. IF YOU ARE READY TO be the POWERFUL, HEALER THAT YOU KNOW YOU ARE MEANT TO BE….THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!


Soul Medicine Courses Are For You If You...

  • You cannot bare living another year in the same way.

  • You are ready to change your life!

  • You're coachable and take responsibility for your experience.

  • You're willing to stretch yourself

  • Are eager to be the CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE

  • No longer willing to allow stress to dictate your existence 

  • Want to create a business as a professional healer

  • Are already a healer and need to scale up your practice and your gifts 

  • Want more fulfillment in your life and work

  • Have no desire to be a professional healer but want to step into the mastery of your life. 



Isn’t it time to feel the... 


  • Peace 

  • Confidence 

  • Spaciousness

  • Depth of knowing

  • Tenderness and love for every part of you

  • Internal resolve to live a life of fulfillment

If you’re reading this YOU ARE READY to know your unique Gifts and Talents AND YOU ARE READY TO USE THEM. 


If this is landing inside of you then join me for your BREAKTHROUGH…..

your comfort zone to expand and grow into who you see yourself to be.

You're tired of waiting around to heal and be whole and to feel love.

You're ready to be in action and have the life and love you know is yours to have.


What You'll Learn

and Experience

  • Ignite your faith in who you are

  • Demolish sabotaging structures in your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies to re-align to your divine blueprint

  • Learn how to expand past any obstacle and pain pattern 

  • Discover your soul path lineage

  • Love who you are and claim who you want to become

Soul Medicine Healing Is...

Soul Medicine Healing is a combination of Metaphysics, Energy and Spiritual Medicine. All with the PURPOSE  to assist you in being more in drivers seat of your life - helping  you TRUST YOURSELF AND THE UNIVERSE MORE while receiving all the skills you need to heal your own life and heal the world at large! 


This work is Ancient wisdom past down from Modern Day Masters.


Janice Noehulani is your Soul Medicine Teacher and guide. Her knowledge stems from her Natural Born Gifts as a SEER and healer combined with all that she has learned from numerous well-known and, not so known,  Masters in the field of healing.


“I didn’t have much of a love life. In one session with Janice,  my life changed in a blink of an eye- and I LOVE IT!

After her attunement, all of a sudden and without any extra work on my part, many men made it known they were very interested in dating me. OVER NIGHT, literally,  I had a love life and a handful of men to choose from. I ended up choosing one amazing man in the end. Thank you, thank you, thank you Janice!”

-Chery K.

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