$44.00 USD

Empath's Power

Embarking on a Remarkable Journey with An Empath's Power

Get ready to embark on a truly transformative journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and unwavering security! In this enlightening experience, you'll unlock the potential of your empathic abilities and acquire essential energetic protections that will empower you to remain firmly anchored, safe, and confident in your authentic self.

An Empath's Power will help you...

  • Have a deeper understanding of empathy
  • Discover your FIVE empathic gifts
  • Learn self-protection as an empath
  • Unveil your secret gift
  • Open your eyes to the truth
  • Use empathy in an aligned way

What to Expect

Prepare to step into a life of greater courage, enhance your manifesting prowess through empathy, and cultivate a sense of security like never before – all through an immersive experience spanning THREE POWERFUL LIVE CALLS!

Day 1: Empathy 101 - Learn About Your Empathy and How It Moves Through You.

Day 2: Working with Empathy - You will experience first hand working with your empathy so you are working together on your behalf for good

Day 3: Empathy & Others - You tools to work with other people and the environment around you