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Healing the Heart Wound

Healing the Heart Wound
with Janice Noehulani
Wisdom Keeper, Healer, Natural-Born Seer And Shingetsu Billy White Master Sound Healer

As we heal our own hearts
we bring harmony into our life
and harmony into the world

Recent events through the last few years have activated deep wounds both personally and globally. In Healing the Heart Wound, Janice and Billy will share a powerful ancient process.... so you can can come back HOME TO YOUR OWN HEART, Back Home to You.

Together they help yo expand and integrate the work through a meditative journey of healing sound.


Soul Retrieval

Shamans believe that whenever we have a traumatic experience we leave a piece of our soul behind.

I believe that we have also left pieces of our hearts with those we have lost, who have broken our hearts, and who we didn’t get to have closure with. Pieces of our beautiful hearts lost in time.

This audio journey is made to help you finally become whole, guiding you to bring all your heart fragments back to you now.

Journey with two Master Healers: Shamanic Love Coach & Psychic Healer, Janice Noehulani and Master Sound Healer, acclaimed singer and musician, Shingetsu Billy White through a journey to Heal Your Heart Wound and bring back all your fragmented parts.

This is a process you can do over and over again to reclaim your self.

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What People Are Saying:

I realized all the places I left pieces of my heart behind. I brought them back and I was able to forgive everyone.

I went all the way back to Creation and remembered who I was.