To Love

A 12 Week Journey to

Transformative Love and

The Love Of Your Future SoulMate

You 're ready to have lovebut it feels like something is always blocking you.

You've taken every program out there to receive love but your still lonely, scared you'll be alone forever, tired of being strong, and ache for love from someone who gets you, 

sees and appreciates you.

You know love is close by, you can feel it, but you don't see it anywhere and even if you got it you fear you might lose it or mess something up.

You're ready to release what is stopping you no matter what it takes.

You know it's time to BE the person who can receive the love you want and deserve.

What Makes This Different?

In the DEEP DIVE To Love you will experience tools that have never before been shared at this scale. (Don't worry they are easy to learn and easier to receive). 

This is what you will learn and/or experience:

  • Heal traumas and stories during the ages:

    • Pre-​womb

    • Gestation

    • Ages

      • 0 - 7

      • 7 - 14

      • 14 - 21

      • 21 - 40

      • 40 - 55

      • 55 - 85

  • Past Life Trauma

  • Future self worries

  • Discover and clear core wounds of your Ancestors that effect your love life​.

  • Heal your psychic, spiritual, mental, emotional bodies of these core deep ancestral entanglements.

  • Connect with your highest, most pure and powerful self - the Divinity within you.

  • Experience True Self Love, while creating a foundation for healthy partnership love.

  • Re-establish a joyful, loving way of being.

  • Tap into the Laws of The Universe specifically the Law of More Life and the Law of Non-Resistance.

  • Learn how to use gratitude and forgiveness to ignite magic back into your life. 

  • Release shame, rage, pain and fear once and for all.

  • Find time for you and love. 

  • Stop hiding.

  • Be your own soulmate so you may easily have a soulmate.

  • Never abandon your emotions but don't let them control you either

During this 12 week course you will receive 5 one-on-one sessions and 5 30 min follow up sessions every other week. 2 Integration weeks after the third and 6th week. During those integration weeks we will have a group clearing call. 

PLUS you receive: Unlimited email /text support.

                                 Bonus Janice's Signature Attract Your Soulmate Audio/Video Program

This is for you if...​​

- You cannot bare living another year without the love of your life.

- You're coachable and take responsibility for your experience.

- You're willing to stretch out of your comfort zone to expand and grow into who you see yourself to be.

-You're tired of waiting around to heal and be whole and to feel love.

-You're ready to be in action and have the life and love you know is yours to have.


-Jazmina N

"I am forever changed and the best thing is, I feel totally at peace in my skin and I trust myself and the Universe like I have never before. 


To Love

A 12 Week Journey to

Transformative Love