Magic . Miracles. Healing

Date, Location, & Times TBA

Turn On Your Psychic & Intuitive Gifts

Have you ever wondered what your life would be and feel like if you could trust your intuition and clearly hear guidance

from spirit?

Do you desire knowing, with certainty, what your gift is to this world and how to fulfill your purpose?

You have started walking and living in the path of the Healer's Way and desire deepening your skills and abilities.

Now is your time! 

  • Develop Your Intuitive Abilities & Magical Self

  • Facilitate Healing in Yourself and Others

  • Activate Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Clear Beliefs

  • Learn To Trust The Soulful Information You 

  • Receive & Know How To Act Upon It

  • Create Miracles

Gain Tools To Trust In Your Inner Wisdom

It is there talking to you all the time.

Are you listening?

Can you hear it?

Are You Ready?

Course Agenda

Day 1

Introductions and Course Outline

Day 2

Preparing Your Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul

-Strengthen and Reinforce the integration of mind, body, spirit, and soul

-Meet Your Healing Team

- Bring Yourself Into Wholeness with the Golden Mean

- Increase Your Ability to See, Sense, Feel & Know- Working in the MultiVerse

-Change Your Cellular Make Up 


- Work On Each Other

- Practice, Practice, Practice

Day 3 

 Rising ABOVE Darkness

- Discover Common Obstacles People Encounter When Raising Their Vibrational Frequency

-Learn What & How To CLEAR , CLEAR, CLEAR

-Increase Self Love and Transmute Beliefs That Stop Us From Loving  Our Self. 

 Co-creating With The Laws of The Universe

-These laws are true for you, they are true for everyone and everything!

-Utilize the Laws to Create a KICK ASS LIFE!

-Basic yet powerful principles will be discussed do you may access these laws now!

 More Integrating

-Practice Makes Perfect

This is for you if...​​

- You are intuitive and want to increase your trust in your ability.

- You're coachable and take responsibility for your experience.

- You have some knowledge of energy and connecting to spirit.

-Have or want a healing practice as a healer.

-Have a desire to be a Healer's Healer.



-I .Z.

“The work I have done with you, in such a short time, has been none other than miraculous.”

Details of the Course

Dates & Time:


Friday 630-9pm, Sat 10am - 7pm, Sun 10am - 5pm

Location: TBA

Cost: Early Bird Pricing if Paid in Full $350

Regularly $440.

This course is an Intermediate Healer's Course

You will be given some incredible tools not found anywhere that will increase your knowing, seeing, and/or sensing powers. 

You will be given strategies to healing yourself and others. 

There will be lots of time for learning and integration

Bring Snacks and Food to Share

Lodging:  Information Available Soon